Art school regret reddit

Art school regret reddit

Welcome to the home page of high school level art lessons! The lessons are now categorized by grade level, subject, integration, art period, artist, and medium. See below Do you have a lesson to contribute?

Just click on the " Submit a Lesson " link here or in the side column. Grades 9 - 10 Ages 14 - Motorcycle Mixed-Media Art Lesson. Renaissance Grid Process. Pointy Animals. Balance Paper Collage. Sketchbook Ideas. Visual Verbal Journals. Paper Airplane Drawings. Wordy Background For a Contour Drawing. Life Documentation Digital Design. Create Your Own Tessellations.

Animated Flipbooks. Ink and Watercolor Creatures. Watercolor Painting Experimentation. Corel Draw Portraits. Oil Pastel Drawing Assignments. Micrography Self-Portraits. Seven Ages Tattoos. Quick Lessons Using a Camera.We're now offering live, online classes for the spring semester in drawing, painting, ceramics, and more, taught by our wonderful Art School faculty in real time. Click here to browse adult classes and here to browse kids and teens classes! In response to the ever-changing circumstances related to the COVID outbreak, The Contemporary Austin has extended the closure of its two locations at least through early May.

While we hope that we will be able to welcome you back to our sites soon, we will continue to follow the guidance of local, state and national officials. Please contact artschool thecontemporaryaustin. Summer registration is now open! Enroll onlineby phone ator in person at the Art School. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9A-5P. Click here to browse our Summer course catalog! To better serve our students and our mission, most of our Art School classes now require a museum membership.

Full details on Art School membership can be found here. The Art School is located on the fourteen-acre Lake Austin site of historic Laguna Gloria, a natural setting conducive to the creation of art. Our studios have direct access to the outdoors, and we encourage you to explore the grounds while working on class projects. Our goal is to foster your creativity, enhance your visual awareness, and improve your technical skills in your chosen medium.

Our small classes increase your interactions with our credentialed and talented faculty members. Having recently celebrated our 50th anniversary, the Art School continues to strive to maintain the highest standards of educational excellence, offering you the added bonus of experiencing changing exhibitions at The Contemporary Austin's two locations.

There are so many ways to enjoy the Art School and our campus at the beautiful Laguna Gloria, so whether you are a beginning student, a serious amateur, or a returning artist, we invite you to enroll. Classes are offered in mediums including painting, drawing, wheel throwing potteryphotography, Photoshop, collage, mosaics, watercolor, pastels, jewelry, glass, metal, and more!

Classes start at various dates during the semester and registration is ongoing.

art school regret reddit

For more information about registering, click here. If the Art School has a volunteer opportunity that suits your stated availability and experience level, we will contact you to confirm schedules. Thank you for your interest! Students and families demonstrating financial need are eligible to apply for scholarships to the Art School. We award up to two scholarships per year per individual and a maximum of two scholarships per semester per household.

Download the appropriate application at the link below.

art school regret reddit

For additional assistance or inquiries, please contact the Art School office at or email us at artschool thecontemporaryaustin. As the largest gift toward the scholarship program in the history of the Art School, this gift from the Templeton Estate will expand access to classes for students in need, planting the seed for lifelong participation in the arts in young learners and enriching the lives of seniors.Hearing a son or daughter say they're majoring in the liberal arts has never made more parents' hearts sink into their stomachs.

STEM degrees appear atop nearly every 'best majors' listPresident Barack Obama has made jabs at the usefulness of a humanities degree, and college dropouts have colonized the Fortune So when unemployed English majors joke that no degree would be better than one in liberal arts—they might actually not be kidding.

But there is life after liberal arts — just ask these 10 CEOs. From a self-proclaimed "completely unemployable" history major, to a B-average communications student at a No. Degree: B. On worrying about his post-college job prospects: A first-generation college student, Schultz grew up in a working-class family in the Projects of Canarsie in Brooklyn, and later attended NMU on a football scholarship.

I maintained a B average, applying myself only when I had to take a test or make a presentation," Schultz wrote in his business memoir, Pour Your Heart Into It. But I had no direction. No one ever helped me see the value in the knowledge I was gaining. On getting his start in business: " After graduating from college inlike a lot of kids, I didn't know what to do next I took some time to think, but still no inspiration came," Schultz wrote in his memoir.

High School Art Lessons

I learned more there than in college about the worlds of work and business. He has served as CEO since On success: " It took years before I found my passion in life," the coffee exec wrote. But m y own experience suggests that it is possible to start from nothing and achieve even beyond your dreams. On whether she had ever imagined being a Fortune CEO: A trailblazer for female CEOs, Jung finds it hard to believe how a Princeton bookworm came to lead the world's largest direct cosmetics seller, where she was chief from to On being an English major: "Because I was an English major, I loved journalism, I thought perhaps I'd go back to journalism school or law school," Jung said during her speech.

But her friends told her about a training program at Bloomingdale's to gain experience in marketing and merchandising before hitting the books once more. So she ditched her grad school plans, and dove into the women's apparel, accessories and cosmetics industry. On the importance of liberal arts: "Literature is unbelievably helpful, because no matter what business you are in, you are dealing with interpersonal relationships.

Realizing quickly that he didn't have the talent to become the "next great American playwright," Eisner moved to New York to find a steady job. My inability to land a job left me feeling lonely, dislocated and slightly frantic. Later, he quickly scaled the corporate ladder at ABC and Paramount Pictures, before serving as Disney's chief from to As the New York Times said of Eisner's skill set in a article : "Eisner is unusual among entertainment moguls because he has had both creative and corporate experience.

He knows how you put a show together and avoid going broke doing it.M y year-old son just moved into a fraternity house at his college in the US.

Last month, I spent three days there trying to turn his bedroom from a fluorescent-lit hellhole into a page from an Ikea catalogue, and while making up flat-packs, we discussed his hopes and plans for the next three years … what he wanted from life, from love, his strengths, his fears, and how to approach his college years so that he could set himself up for a life well lived.

Asking for a friend.

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I had casually asked a question that, surprisingly, a lot of people really wanted to answer. These were sad, sobering, enlightening responses — big stories told in words to a stranger on a Saturday night. He wanted to take me for dinner.

art school regret reddit

I was working. But what emerged is that real regrets are about bad choices. Not bad things happening to you, or the way that life has punched you in the face: regret is a deep sorrow about something you did, or something you failed to do.

And most of the replies divided into six specific categories. By far the most frequent were regrets about not doing the right thing when someone died. I was afraid and needed to go home to my kids. She died overnight.

I forever fear she was in fear. The truth is that a we all try to make the best decisions possible using the information available at the time, and b we all mess up. The saddest stories were from people who had been abused — and even in characters, they were terrible. It was one area in which the abused had control, and they regretted not exercising it. Took the Savile situation for me to realise I would be believed.

They all had the same message. Maybe these survivors passing on this single regret with such unity and clarity will encourage others to exercise that one vital control. I was humbled by their honesty. Education was high up the list — there were many more regrets to do with school and college than I would have expected. Left me disadvantaged all my life. I wanted to get a job. Found one. I righted my regret. Best choice ever. I was a wimp in my 20s. More than once. As well as the many tweets like this:.

Career-choice regrets made me realise a pattern was developing … regret seems most often to be about fear. Fear of getting it wrong, leading to an unfulfilled life, followed by self-blame for being fearful.

10 CEOs Who Prove Your Liberal Arts Degree Isn't Worthless

And then, perhaps less surprising, there was love: a few tweets from people regretting that they had declared their love and ended up having their heart broken, but many, many more regretting not being braver and not risking vulnerability — the regret of having been afraid. In a way most complex, there were a lot of tweets about anxiety, and what intrigued me was the self-blame. It was encouraging that right alongside the people who regretted a life lived in fear were others who had made a change — now regretting the time it had taken to find their solution for this exact problem:.

Moved to France — still scary but food and life is good!Ask Your Question today. I went to college right after high school with NO idea what I wanted to pursue. On top of that, the idea that being in college was to lead me to a JOB completely eluded me.

I chose to major in ART because seemed fun. Well, it was a lot of hard work and I resented it for my entire senior year.

Now I've graduated, cannot find a job, and hate the field that I am associated with or the least bit qualified to do any work in. I wish I could redo college completely so that I could get a biology degree and go to veterinary school. Or something worthwhile.

"We'll Never Use This When We're Adults" (School Stories r/AskReddit)

I feel like a complete idiot. I should have started working after high school and figured out what I wanted to do. Or I could've gone into the military and then used the GI Bill to pay for college afterward.

Can't blame you. If it helps at all, I have an honors bachelor of science in biology and I'm working in a fucking steel mill. I thought university was about education, not blowing your money on a meaningless 'qualification' so you can graduate into an assload of debt and slave away at a minimum wage job and get sexually harassed for the rest of your life.

I wrote this IIN question almost two years ago, and every so often I get comments in my e-mail. They are usually encouraging, so thanks! I just have an update, incase any future regretters come along and see my Bachelor's Degree regret and wonder if they're totally sunk.

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I went back to community college, took a butt load of science courses, shadowed different careers, found my new passion, and am headed to Physician Assistant school next fall. I don't regret my art degree anymore, it really set me apart in the application process, and the skills and creative thinking I learned in art school really do mesh well with the medical field. Who knew.

If anyone else has started again after their perceived education mistakes, right on. Use regret as motivation! I am so glad that I found this posting because it is similar to what Im going through. Getting out of high school I picked a major that sounded fun and in the liberal arts but having doubts now that I know what the occupation entails. I am a senior studying Mass Communication. The field is saturated and low in demand and I dont think I want to do this anymore.

I was looking into different careers online and decided that physician assistant would be fulfilling and worth my time. But what should I do if Im a senior in communications. Should I finish and find a way to that masters program or should I switch majors and get a bachelors in dietician which interests me too.

art school regret reddit

I really want to end up being a physician assistant but I need the shortest due to debt and most qualifying way. I know that PA school is getting very competitive but I am bilingual so I think if I have all the requirements Ill get in asap.If you could go back and change key decisions you have made in your life, what would you have done differently?

That is the question that more than Reddit users have flocked to answer in the space of just a day, perhaps in the hope that others can learn from their mistakes. From marrying the wrong person just for the sake of it, to more trivial pursuits like not learning to play the piano, everyone, it seems, has things they wish they had or hadn't done. Scroll down for video. A new Reddit thread asking older people to reveal their greatest regrets has invited more than comments in just one day - and more than a few users mentioned flossing file photo.

Many of the regrets tended to focus on people's twenties rather than their childhoods or early teens. Ended up graduating three colleges and 13 year later, heavily into student loan debt. Several people said they wished they'd been better with money, or had started saving sooner, but others indicated that more important than cash was a fulfilling job.

If you have kids, please spend some time helping them choose, because asking a high school student to pick what they want to do with their life with no guidance is a terrible idea. This user advised parents to put time into helping their children pick the right vocation. Several people expressed regret over the jobs they chose, even if they thought they were right at the time.

Squandering away education opportunities was another common complaint, as was being saddled with debt. Some people wish they had got married, others wish they hadn't, or admitted getting hitched to the wrong person. In response, one person mused: 'A lot of people here climbed the right ladder only to realise that it was propped up against the wrong wall. Taking drugs or drinking too much was another common admission, and plenty of contributors warned about the perils of not brushing your teeth properly.

Even though it sucks, you should also floss. Every day. Decisions made in regards to relationships predictably had caused many people anguish.

Plenty of contributors warned against the perils of not taking better care of the teeth in their youth. For this user, alcohol was regrettably their Achilles heel - something they may have inheritied. Decisions made in regards to relationships predictably caused many people anguish. Others felt pressurised by the sudden explosion of weddings in social circles.

One man relayed a very sorry tale about being left by the women he had tried to save. Another took the opposite view and stated: 'Not getting married and having children. One man shared a very candid post, writing: 'Spending five years helping my ex get over her abusive relationship with the guy she was with before me. She ran off with another guy a few weeks before our wedding.

Some spoke of their health problems, both mental and physical, wishing they'd sought help for them sooner. While many people said they wish they hadn't got married, others expressed regret over not doing so. This user outlined the importance of therapy, and wished they weren't too 'immature' to get it sooner.

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Another user wishes they hadn't 'obsessed' so much about their weight and 'dieted instead of living'. One submitter summarised the thread particularly neatly when they pointed out that the grass was always greener on the other side.

One user regretted not getting diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome earlier, writing; 'Before, I'd always let people talk me out of it and tell me I'm normal. Another user wished they hadn't 'obsessed' so much about their weight and 'dieted instead of living'. But one submitter summarised the thread particularly neatly with the comment: 'If you ask a man what he regrets about last month, then he'll say that he should have worked harder.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Never settle for an average job, don't marry just because your friends have Share this article Share. Comments Share what you think. View all.As tuition costs soar, more students and their families are asking themselves if college is still worth it. Some experts say the value of a bachelor's degree is fading.

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Worse yet: A decade after leaving school, more than 1 in 5 graduates are working in a job that doesn't even require a degree. However, obtaining a diploma is almost always worthwhile, according to "The College Payoff," a report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

When broken down by areas of study, however, the difference is striking. Students who pursue a major specifically in science, technology, engineering and math — collectively known as STEM disciplines — are projected to earn the most overall. In addition to STEM, health and business majors are among the highest paying, leading to average annual wages that are higher at the entry level and significantly greater over the course of a career compared to liberal arts and humanities majors, the Georgetown Center found.

More from Personal Finance: Applying to college early isn't always the best move Why so few teenagers have jobs anymore Here's what attending a top college is worth. Of course, income isn't the only consideration. After adding in satisfaction, stress level and job opportunities, among other factors, job site ZipRecruiter found that the top five majors college students most regretted taking spanned the arts and sciences.

English, communications, biological sciences and law all made the list, according to ZipRecruiter's survey of more than 5, college graduates who were looking for a job. On the upside, students who focused on computer science, business, engineering and health administration felt very good about their choices, ZipRecruiter found. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

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All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. However, not all majors are the same, ZipRecruiter found. VIDEO Invest in You: Ready. Related Tags.

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